Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Consulting


We Can Hook You Up, Literally

Whether you’re building a brand new building or getting ready for a revamp, our HVAC and Refrigeration equipment experts will make sure you get the products you need, and help you stay within budget. We work side by side with your team to spec and price out equipment and design the layout of your system. We keep up on the latest in HVAC and Refrigeration technology to ensure our customers get the best equipment for their application.

RTU Installation

Our installation crew is made up of industry veterans who have years of installations under their belts. Their knowledge of the equipment and the professionalism with which they conduct business are a matter of pride for ProTemp. We always make sure to leave a job cleaner than it was when we arrived, and want our clients to be completely satisfied when we’re done. We’re not afraid to squeeze into tight places or climb up on dangerous-looking roofs, and we have good relationships with all the cranes in town in case your job requires one.

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