Commercial LED Lighting

Light Up Your Business and Save Money

Switching to LED lighting will not only provide a brighter, more pleasant environment for your patrons and employees, but is also much more efficient than the old incandescents. Marketers have actually found that people will buy more from a store with better lighting. Depending on the size of the facility and the number of lights replaced, our customers have seen an average 15 – 25% savings per year on their energy bills.

Here are some ways to improve lighting for your operation:

  1. LED upgrades
  2. Retrofitting old equipment
  3. Brightening cooler cases
  4. Brightening merchandisers
  5. Brightening reach-in coolers
  6. Interior and exterior lighting
  7. Canopy lighting

Know Your Energy Costs

ProTemp provides a complimentary energy audit to help you understand where you may have inefficiencies. Once we’re finished with the assessment, we’ll help you submit an application to the State of Michigan to see if you qualify for funding to help pay for upgrades.

Our LED Lighting Products

We carry a wide variety of LED Lighting products, and can help you determine which products will work best with your existing equipment or for your new installation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

We are a certified dealer for the following LED Lighting brands:

Philips LEDs
Sylvania LED Lights