Summer heat is upon us.  Do you have a room (s) in your office or business that is never comfortable? The temperature is never right.  You are constantly adjusting the thermostat or open and close windows in an effort to stay comfortable? Not to mention the bulky noisy air conditioning unit right out side your window or worse, the ugly and even noisier window unit. From the brand you know and trust, LG brings you a solution, Duct Free Split Systems. Not only do these units cool your space it heats too!  Install units directly in each room or zone.  Complicated duct-work is removed, reducing energy loss by air traveling though duct-work, making a more efficient running system.

There is no need to compromise on style for comfort.  LG systems offer many styles of indoor units in a full range of capacities to match any size space.  For instance, this Cool Art option, exclusive to LG. No one else has this option, it is only available from LG.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lovely picture of your choosing hanging on your wall rather then an old fashion window unit?

Duct Free Split Systems

Exclusive to LG!

LG offers many styles with a full range of capacities to match your heating and cooling needs large and small. Visit to see all LG has to offer.

Duct Free Split Systems

LG Single-Zone – installed as a complement to an existing system or as a stand alone giving you flexibility, and consistent control without complicated changes.

LG Multiple-Zone – support up to eight indoor units that can be linked  to the outdoor unit with all indoor units either directly or though a branch distribution unit.


  • Hospitals/Medical Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Retail establishments
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools

You have visited LG’s website, read all about the units available, LOVE  Duct Free Split Systems and want one installed in your office or business, Contact us at ProTemp!  Our qualified technicians are happy to work with you to design and quote a system that accommodates your needs weather it be single or multiple zones.