Are you heating your business or commercial property with a boiler system?  If so, you must have a CSD-1 Boiler Inspection ANNUALLY as required by the State of Michigan for all commercial boiler applications.  Be boiler code compliant, have your inspection done by a professional ProTemp technician .

Boilers Serviced by ProTemp

  1. Fire Tube: Fire in tubes, water around tubes. – Generally for low pressure usage. (Dry Cleaners, Schools, etc.)
  2. Water Tube: Water in the tubes, fire in the fire box. – High pressure usage.  (Industrial, Hospital)
  3. Cast Iron: Low Pressure. – 30# water pressure, 5# steam pressure (residential Use, Small Business)

View the CSD-1 Boiler Inspection checklist to see what all is included.  The state inspector with look for a completed checklist/inspection displayed on the Boiler during an audit.

Need help with  your commercial boiler?  We are  happy to inspect and certify your commercial boiler.  If the results of the testing produces unsatisfactory results and the boiler does not meet State of Michigan boiler safety requirements, we are able to do necessary repairs to make your boiler compliant with CSD-1 standards.

In conclusion,  CSD-1 Boiler Inspections are a requirement for the State of Michigan. Inspections insure your boiler system is up to code ultimately, future costly repairs are detected. This in turn insures an efficient running system.

Be compliant contact us today and schedule  your CSD-1 Boiler inspection.