Air Conditioning Trouble: Know What to Look For


The Dog days of summer can be ruff.  Do you have the potential for Air Conditioning trouble and know what to look for?

Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repair

If your A/C fails to start or you notice that there is hot air coming out of your ducts instead of cool air those are fairly certain signs of an issue in need of repair. However, there are some other, more subtle signs to look for as well.  If you notice a sharp increase in your energy bill without a corresponding increase in usage, then you may have low refrigerant or a frozen coil.  Furthermore, if you notice a strange noise or uneven cooling in one area of your office or building, those are signs that you need to call us for immediate air conditioning service.

What to look for:

  • Strange or unfamiliar noises
  • Warm air coming from ducts
  • Uneven cooling between rooms
  • Sharp increase in electric bill
  • System fails to start
  • System running contentiously

Why Regular Maintenance is Important

A regular preventative maintenance program is an important step to prevent Air Conditioning Trouble and keep your system running smooth and efficient  You should have regularly scheduled maintenance at least twice a year, Spring and Fall.

What’s included:

  • Clean roof top A/C Condensers
  • Change filters and high efficiency pleated media filters
  • Lubricate motors, fans and bearings as required
  • Check overall operation of cooling equipment
  • Replace belts
  • Inspect for warn, failed or doubtful parts and general condition of equipment

Why Professional A/C Repair and Preventative Maintenance Matters

When you consider how hard your commercial air conditioning system works, it’s not surprising that they become stressed or problematic at one time or another.  When it comes to HVAC repair , you can count on Our Team of professionals at ProTemp. Our certified technicians to do the job right! We will ensure that your system is back up and running in no time.  From central air system, mini split, RTU’s and condensing systems repair and maintenance, we have your covered.

For Air Conditioning Trouble call us Today

ProTemp offers 24/7 emergency support and repair, so we’re here anytime you need us.  Whether you need preventative maintenance to keep your system running efficiently or emergency service, ProTemp is here for all of your A/C needs.  Contact Us today to find out more about our services.

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