About Us

About ProTemp, Inc.


Owners Jeff and Karen Koger

ProTemp is a family owned business operating in Holland, MI. Since we were established in 1985, we have been committed to providing exceptional quality commercial & industrial heating, cooling and refrigeration services.


Because we work exclusively with commercial and industrial customers, you can be confident that we are knowledgeable about the equipment, maintenance and repair needs of your equipment. We keep up on the latest in HVAC and Refrigeration technologies to ensure our customers get exactly what they need.


We strive to help your business succeed by ensuring your HVAC and Refrigeration equipment is properly specified and installed, and continuously kept in great shape. Our number one goal is to help you avoid downtime through regular maintenance, and providing 24 hour service in case of emergencies.


Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call us today at 616-392-3737 or send us a message.


ProTemp is a proud member of the Holland and Zeeland West Coast Chamber of Commerce.